Cutting The Curd - Cheese Making Book

Cheesemaking Book - Cutting The Curd by Katherine Mowbray Craft Cheese Maker

My aim is to set out as simply as possible the basic principles behind cheese making and share with you some of my favourite recipes, so that you can ultimately enjoy all the wonderful cheeses you can make.I would like to say at this stage that the skills required to make a good cheese can not be taught - they can only be learned by experience.

Cheese making is an art. As you progress, your senses will develop. You will be able to note changes in the taste, texture and smell of the milk, curd and ultimately the cheese.



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Mozzarellia Mozzarellia

It's totally feasible to make your own cheese at home and on a small scale. It's very similar to bread or wine making in many respects in that you are dealing with a living product which will always change in texture and flavour so one must provide the most ideal conditions to obtain the best result. It is considerably easier to make soft cheeses rather than the hard cheese and although similar principles apply for all cheese making don't expect to start off with Emmental or Gruyere, first class Camembert or Gorgonzola. These are really specialised cheeses and require specialised conditions. It is best to start with simple recipes for soft cheese, then move onto other cheeses like a simple small holder type Cheddar or Gouda.

Your palate will be surprisingly pleased by your own unique cheeses.


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My name is Katherine Mowbray and I have been making cheese for 20 years, and sharing my knowledge and love of cheesemaking courses around New Zealand. Now you too can share my knowledge and try some of my favourite recipes in your own home.